Hunting for the Best!

If you are working at the top of your field  the very best available talent with a proven track record with Timeshare/VO/Hospitality experience, ARIEL International Group wants to hear from you.  We work with client companies who hire us to hunt for and find the very best  those preeminent few.  If this describes you,
Contact Us.

If you are not looking for other opportunities, it always prudent and wise to know what the market offers at any given time and we specialize in the hidden market.  Due to our focus on the Timeshare/VO and Hospitality Industries, AIG fills the Lion Share of top executive positions.

To learn more about global opportunities that are opening up every day, at the executive level, please request to be added to our confidential database. 

When you work with ARIEL International, you receive professional consultative services from an experienced recruiter who will listen and discover what makes you unique and sets you apart.  We will review your resume and other documents, to help you present a professional employment package. 

Send your RESUME or CV
e-mail here
Microsoft Word Compatible Format only in English

Resume Tips

  • Your resume needs to be legible and easily read by Prospective Employers, Executive Search Consultants and Scanners
  • Do not use irregular formats such as small font sizes, graphics, lines or boxes
  • Be consistent with use of numbers, percentages and fonts (12 points is best)
  • Use Ariel or Times New Roman not unusual or heavy fonts
  • Be careful about overusing capital letters or exclamation points
  • Keep the information contained in your resume to the point - pithy and concise
  • Be sure to include your accomplishments and other results
  • Do not use underlining, italics, or bullets or other symbols
  • Make sure there is enough white space left on each page for ease of reading
  • Use standard margins and outline format for job history and duties without bullets
  • Put your name at the top of each page, skip lines for address, phone and email
  • Use capital letters for section headings to distinguish them
  • USE MORE THAN ONE PAGE if necessary. Please DO NOT try to fit 15 years experience on 1 or 2 pages if more room is necessary
  • Use a standard paragraph format opposed to a lot of indented text etc.
  • Proofread and spell check your resume to avoid unnecessary delays in processing
  • Its difficult to proofread your own resume, have someone else review it
  • Do NOT use a professional resume service if you can avoid it or if you do, retype it in your own words to avoid that canned appearance
  • Remember, your resume makes lasting first impression for recruiters and employers!

    Our firm policy is to submit original resumes to prospective employers, in order to demonstrate your ability to communicate in writing and convey important information.

    Send your RESUME or CV
    e-mail here. or via postal mail

    ARIEL International Group

    PO Box 1210
    Fort Myers Florida 33902

The Hunters of Timeshare Executives


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